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Fuck the word “Mary Sue”. It is literally shorthand 90% of the time for “your character is female and doesn’t act how I want a female to act so I don’t like her.” Or “your character is female and a self-insert/wish fulfillment and that makes her bad.” As if a large chunk of male characters AREN’T self-inserts or wish fulfillment characters.

You know what I’ve noticed? That the qualifications of realistic or relatable are only applied to female characters in these genres. No one questions that Steve Rogers apparently learned French, computer and technology skills, an advanced fighting technique, and had the free time to catch up on history and pop culture between The Avengers and The Winter Soldier. But Skye is good at computers and can learn how to be an agent rather quickly? MARY SUE WHO DESERVES TO DIE.

SO many male characters are Marty Stu self-inserts, like, pretty much ALL of them. Men don’t care; hell, they’re into it. Women don’t care if male characters are “too good to be true” either. Why is that? Why are we so ready to buy into those ridiculous male characters but balk at the female ones?

Tony Stark is the biggest self-insert, self-indulgent male fantasy FUCKING EVER (genius, billionaire, ladies man superhero who has a pithy comeback for everything?  COME THE FUCK ON), and yet I never see a single comment about how he’s unrealistic.  NOT. ONE.  Or any of the other male characters out there.  I never see a single comment about mary stus or unrealistic male characters.  It’s ONLY WOMEN.

I think the larger problem is that EVEN WOMEN have trouble envisioning women as being anything other than flawed, weak characters.  When they’re smart or pithy or rich while being pretty?  MARY SUE!  OMG UNREALISTIC!  OMG ANNOYING!  We can’t seem to accept these characters, and almost seem to view them as a THREAT.  I still remember back in the SPN days when people lost their SHIT over Jo because she was a “threat” to the guys on the show (god forbid anything get in the way of the slash pairings).  And so she was UNREALISTIC and ANNOYING!  BLAH BLAH PATHETIC EXCUSE BLAH!

No one is saying that every female character should be the pinnacle of perfection, but the fact that women who receive the same treatment as a lot of male characters (aka they are given power and perhaps one or more positive characteristic) are the only ones getting called out on it?  Troubling.

Fuck it.  I love mary sues.  WHAT THE FUCK IS A MARY SUE ANYWAY?  Because these days it seems like a mary sue is a character that is pretty damn awesome.  So bring on the mary sues.  What’s WRONG with having a character that’s fucking awesome that you can relate to or want to swap places with?




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